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Schools | Bikeability

First Grade Coaching delivers Bikeability training for Individuals, Schools and School Sport Partnerships. Our qualified instructors can deliver a scheme, tailored to meet your needs. Training can take place as part of a scheduled curriculum programme or as an out of hours school club.

As a company we have managed to train and pass over 700 children since September 2009. Our aim is to work with up to 2500 by the end of the academic year 2010.

What is Bikeability?

Bikeability is the Cycling Proficiency Test for the 21st century, designed to give children the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on roads safely. There are two Bikeability levels in total, children will be encouraged to achieve both levels One and Two. This qualification can be acheived over the course of a school day, during two mornings or afternoons, or even over a half term completing six, one hour sessions.

Bikeability Structure

The programme can be completed over six hours of training. Level One is achieved in the playground, consisting of 1-2 hours of basic cycling skills which must be performed to a safe standard before Level Two can be obtained on the road. The second part of our Bikeability programme involves our coaches taking the children out onto the roads where they must perform a number of manoeuvres to a satisfactory safe standard. The following manoeuvres must be achieved safely in order to pass Level Two Bikeability;

  • Starting and stopping an on road journey
  • Passing a parked car
  • Passing a junction
  • Turning left from a major road onto a minor road
  • Turning right from a minor road onto a major road
  • Turning left from a minor road onto a major road
  • Turning right from a major road onto a minor road

All manoeuvres are broken down as our coaches work on the cyclists road positioning, signalling to other road users and their awareness of what is around them as they continue their safe journey.

The final 20 minutes of the programme involves the coaches taking the children on a bike ride around the area whereby the training has taken place. This is a reward for the pupils and it also gives them a chance to practice the manoeuvres and safe cycling skills which they have learnt during the Bikeability programme.

Level 1 or Level 2?

When our accredited coaches are happy that the pupils have completed all Level One and Level Two outcomes to a safe standard, they will be presented with a certificate and badge which indicates that they have passed Bikeability at either Level One or Level Two.

Company Aims

As a company we aim to train and pass all our pupils at Level Two standard. However, if our accredited coaches are not 100% convinced that the children have shown all safe working practices on the road, we will only pass them at Level One standard. It is our company policy to advise and protect the safe practice of all the pupils we train. First Grade Coaching are not appealing to all our successful trainees to cycle on roads against the wishes of their parents or guardians. The aim of our company is to teach and oversee the safe working practices of the children we work with, whilst looking at potential dangers, safety measures and road awareness which we hope will see them on their way to a safe journey.

Further information on the Bikeability programme can be found via the official website

If you are an Individual client, School or School Sport Partnership and require qualified, accredited instructors, then you've come to the right place.

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